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4 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Hi Ted,

    I live in San Francisco in a home that was built in 1928 with no insulation. I had the flat roof replaced about a year ago. During that time, I asked the roofer if he could install insulation which he did. There isn’t a lot of room between the ceiling and my roof, but he was able to put rolled in pink insulation R-30 I believe. Now, I am starting to see some black dots along the edge of my bedroom ceiling and the paint is starting to crack and peel where it wasn’t a problem before. I have asked the roofer and contractors and they said it is not from the insulation. They did say to control the humidity which is probably causing the issue.

  2. Thanks for your help! Your donation link seems to be down.
    If I want to send a thank you donation, can you accept Dwolla or only use paypal?

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