do not vent bathroom fans into the attic.

Bath fan ducted into attic

3 thoughts on “do not vent bathroom fans into the attic.

  1. No problem…but thank you none the less. I am going to keep reading your posts and watching the videos on how to and how to not on You Tube. By the way, he ( my carpenter) did place a vent on the ceiling, and he also placed about 15 all around the 3 sides of the new room, in the Soffit? the underside of the eaves all around the house. he said the airflow there was not great. He also put the wavy pink styrofam at the base to redirect the ??? to the top of the roof.

  2. I have recently enclosed my north facing 61/2 x 20 ft porch in board and batten with insulated walls. My roof shape is gable and hips on each side. The slope is medium, I think the drywall will make ceilings 8 – 10 ft high. I want to know should I use radiant foil near to the sheathing, and batt insulation between the joists? For venting we have these pink styrofoam forms to place near the soffit vents. There is no vent in this roof, yet my upper 2nd story attic has 4-6 of those metal vents. Because I have now enclosed my porch, should I make such a similar vent? Where should I place it? How many? please let me know ASAP. my carpenter wants to finish this project and move on to his next.

    • This sounds complicated enough that you need someone on-site to evaluate the specific conditions and make recommendations that are most appropriate. You might call back in the person who did your energy audit (if they were knowledgeable) and have them put together an action plan. Sorry I can’t be more specific but this one is too detailed to give you general guidance from afar.

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