Holiday Energy Movie – Fuel

Being an evangelist for energy efficiency isn’t always easy. Nobody knows this better than Josh Tickell, creator of “Fuel” – a movie dedicated to exposing the sins of our addictions to oil.

No, this isn’t a feel-good holiday film. It’s an eye-opening expose that starts with showing us Tickell’s journey in his biodiesel fueld van and leading us through an exploration of the oil industry, and the harm it does to us, the people whose lives depend upon it.

Throughout the movie, Tickell explores the virtues of the diesel engine and, in particular, biodiesel.

I’ve personally been using biodiesel for about five years in my Volkswagen Jetta. No, I don’t go collect waste grease from McDonalds. I bought hundreds of gallons of the fuel from a company out in Lancaster, PA. It’s clean. It doesn’t stink. And my engine runs cleaner and smoother than it does on regular diesel fuel. If everybody with a diesel car ran it on biodiesel, they’d never want to return to stinky, fossil fuel diesel fuel.

If biodiesel is so wonderful, why isn’t everybody using it? I’ll let you watch the movie to learn more about the oil industry…

Josh Tickell deserves huge kudos for devoting his life to educating us. He’s worked with celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson and Neil Young to help spread the word. But most important, he’s done everything he can to spread the word to common people. And the movie “Fuel” is one of those ways.

Watch the movie. It’s available for instant viewing FOR FREE:

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