Great Prices on LED Bulbs in New Jersey

CREE CR6 Recessed Light LED Retrofit

If you live in or near New Jersey, it’s worth the trip to your local Home Depot because you can get LED bulbs for half price!

New Jersey is very progressive when it comes to alternative energy and rebates for energy efficiency. They’ve always had some of the best prices on fluorescent bulbs. But I was pleasantly surprised to find them offering the CREE CR6 dimmable LED recessed light retrofit unit for $24.95. This is a fantastic deal. In addition, they have the Phillips 800 Lumen Edison style bulbs for $14.95. These two bulbs, IMHO, are the best LED replacements on the market. Both dim very well with standard Lutron dimmers and cast pleasant light.

Both of these are such awesome deals that I bought two of each.

Phillips Dimmable LED bulb



2 thoughts on “Great Prices on LED Bulbs in New Jersey

  1. Why just NJ? Does the state somehow subsidize Home Depot? Or is it just some sort of regional marketing campaign? And- am I too late!?

    • Hi Warren,
      NJ has very aggressive alternative energy and conservation funding. Surprisingly, they have the second largest installed base of solar in the country. At least they’re getting something for those super high real estate taxes!
      I haven’t checked this week, but I suspect it’s a long term promotion. I’ve been able to get energy efficient lightbulbs at a fraction of the PA price for a number of years in NJ.

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