How many problems can you find?

5 thoughts on “How many problems can you find?

  1. i have a question i live in an little cottage and the place always gets dusty my son is always sick since we moved in i asked foer ducts to be cleaned when they came to do that they said they couldnt do .that the properrty mangement needed to fix ducts firs.My smud bill is high every month and its only 950 sq ft my place could this casuse us to be sick and for my disabled un healthly thanks tracy

    • If they said the ducts have to get fixed first then they must have found some problem. That definitely could suck in all sorts of nasty dirt and allergens and cause your child to be ill.

      • Would it make my electric bill high I’m won’t turn my heater on cause I’m know they are sealed or probably not connected right

  2. Notice the less obvious but bigger problem. There’s a sheet-metal collar on the left side, partially hidden by the duct crossing over. This collar doesn’t even have a duct attached so the heating system is just blowing air into the attic!

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