GEH50DEEDSR _ GeoSpring™ hybrid electric water heater _ GE Appliances

2 thoughts on “GEH50DEEDSR _ GeoSpring™ hybrid electric water heater _ GE Appliances

  1. Hi Ted, A local True Value Hardware here in Seattle sells and installs the Geospring Hybrid Electric water heater. With the rebate, the installed cost comes in under $1000. While the price appears favorable, quite a few Amazon buyer reviewers have checked only one star. Do you know of any independent reviews of hybrid electric water heaters? Cordially, Jim O

    • That’s a great deal. I barely get a conventional electric water heater installed for that!

      I saw those reviews also and am concerned, so I plan on babying the unit. A friend of mine in the business says he flushes his regularly as well as ensures the sacrificial anode is in good shape. Typically the issues relate to corrosion due to dissimilar metals like steel and copper.

      The reviews also note that there are a couple revisions. The first version appears to have a lot of problems.

      If you find any good reviews, let me know. Part of the problem is that these are pretty new units so there hasn’t been an opportunity for long term study. So people like us end up on the bleeding edge.

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