Other energy efficiency and green building websites

Please send me recommendations for high-quality websites, blogs, etc. I’d like to consolidate them in one place to make it easy to find the quality information from around the web.

Blogs with more unique content

DOD Energy Blog – very interesting blog covering what the Department of Defense is doing to save energy

Green Building Elements – more informational articles on green building related topics

HVAC4U – practical heating, ventilation and air conditioning tips for homeowners

WattHead – another opinionated blogger writing about energy and the environment

Consolidators of “green news”

CleanTechies – many categories including green jobs

Green Tech News – up to date news in green technology

Inhabitat – green building news

Jetson Green – a great variety of green news, micro-product reviews, jobs…

The Daily Energy Report – mostly corporate and governmental news

Discussion forums

Green Building Talk – a great community of pros and homeowners interacting in a relatively civil manner

Interesting articles and essays

8 Things to Clean During Spring! – Practical tips for doing a little HVAC spring cleaning

Every LED Bit helps – Thoughtful essay on the benefits of LED monitors

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