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If you have any questions you want answered, feel free to drop me a note. Just post them to the “Ask Ted” page and I’ll pick questions every day to answer. If you’ve got a question, chances are, there are lots of others out there with the same question. So ask away!

4 thoughts on “Submit your questions

  1. Hi Ted:
    I’m really confused about switching energy companies in PA. Do you or any of your readers have any insights into the most sustainable companies as well as best prices?


    • For those of us in southeastern PA, that question keeps us up at night! I’m still trying to decide.
      You have to figure, there are only so many power plants, so the companies are just selling rights to the power. I’m seriously considering The Energy Coop because I’m confident that they’re not trying to rip people off. They have renewable plans, and have had them since before they were fashionable. They’re advertising 20% renewable for 9.28 cents/kWh and 100% renewable for 9.78 cents/kWh. PECO is charging (April-May, 2011) 9.99 cents and a whopping 11.2 cents/kWh after May for any kWh above 500. But, it gets confusing, because if you have a heat pump, only PECO offers discounts (called RH mode). See the Energy Coop’s rate chart for more info.

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