Worlds largest roof-top farm about to begin construction

Time to start using all that wasted rooftop space in cities!

While not every building will be amenable to rooftop farming or other forms of green roofs, the success (or failure) of this project will pave the way for future urban farming efforts. The article states that the farm should produce up to a million pounds of food, or about what is needed for 5,000 residents. In a city of many millions, this may not seem like much, but we’re learning that every bit counts.

In addition, the benefits go far beyond food production. Green roofs greatly reduce the air conditioning needs of the buildings. They also catch rainwater which helps reduce the demands put on the sewer and waste-water treatment plants. They’re beneficial to cities and their residents in many ways.

BrightFarms is working with a local grocery store, McCaffry’s, in Yardley, PA, to bring “ultra-local” farming to this community – once a farming community located not far from Philadelphia. In fact, Yardley still has several active farms. Read more here.

Read the full article at

See also to learn more about this and other projects that they’re spearheading.


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