(UPDATED 2018): Why I can no longer recommend Fujitsu mini-split heat pumps

This article has been updated as of January 2018.

Readers, please note that the original article referred to the original line of inverter mini-splits manufactured by Fujitsu. Over the years, many of you have echoed these comments regarding premature system failure and inadequate manufacturer’s support leading to extremely expensive repairs and replacements.

Subsequently, Fujitsu has gone through at least two generation updates to this line of products. They have also updated their warranty policies, indicating a greater confidence in their products.

I have also been told by several installers that the new Fujitsu units are considered tops in the field.

Given these changes, I change my rating of Fujitsu to “Neutral.” I cannot personally recommend them because I have no first hand experience with them recently. However, I do not wish for people to be discouraged from installing their new units.

If you have first hand experience with the new line of Fujitsu mini-split heat pumps, please contribute to the discussion.

Thank you!

(original posting from 2014 follows)

Sadly, I can no longer recommend Fujitsu due to their unacceptable support and warranty policies.

Poor product durability eliminates all cost savings gained from efficiency

A home’s heating system is a capital expenditure. That is, it’s considered a long term investment in your home. Typically, you figure that it will last 15-20 years with some cost for maintenance. And generally, that’s conservative. How many of you still have heating systems in your homes from the 1970’s or 80’s? In general, these systems are very durable. Unfortunately, with the Fujitsu mini-split heat pump, this has not been the case.

I originally purchased a model 12-RLS in June of 2009. The system worked great and I was very happy with its efficiency and performance so I gave it a glowing review.

In November of 2011, our neighborhood experience a huge power surge that blew out all three of my Fujitsu units. This is not Fujitsu’s fault as the surge killed electronics in a broad area. I mention it because the units were totally replaced just two years ago.

Recently, in November of 2013, one of my units stopped heating. I thought it was due to the cold, humid weather we were having and waited to see how it would behave in subsequent weeks.

On December 10th of 2013, I concluded that the system was truly malfunctioning and scheduled a service call. My local installer came out, acknowledged that it wasn’t working, and left.

On January 2nd of 2014, another technician came to diagnose the system. During their visit, they found that the evaporator coils were leaking and one of the temperature sensors was malfunctioning. The prognosis was not good – this would require replacing the entire indoor unit. But since the unit was only two years old, I figured that replacement would be covered by the factory.

On January 28th of 2014, after two months with a non-functional heat pump in my living room, the owner of the company that installed the system contacted me, quite upset. He noted that Fujitsu had been mistaken. The model 12RLS was an old model that only had a two year warranty and my warranty had just expired. Not only that, but they no longer make replacement parts for that model (remember, this was the latest and greatest in 2009) so I would have to purchase an entirely new system. This would cost me about $4,000 with installation, removal of the old system etc. Frankly, this is insane.

The warranty statement on the unit does in fact say that it covers parts for only 2 years. Since my unit failed a few weeks after the two year period, they legally did not have to cover it. But had I known that they wouldn’t even have parts to repair the unit that I expected to own for 15+ years, I never would have purchased the Fujitsu 12RLS in the first place.

Any reputable manufacturer would stand behind their product better than this. If I, who has some of the top search results for my positive reviews of the Fujitsu 12RLS , can’t get them to stand by their warranty that expired just days before the unit failed, then an ordinary consumer has no chance of getting support from them. I have to say, I am utterly disappointed by Fujitsu.

So now I have to basically throw away a several thousand dollar heat pump. I will save this old unit for parts in case the others fail.

This fiasco by the numbers

Years owned: 4.25

Original installed cost: $3,560

Cost per year of operation: $837.65

Total energy use: 10,575kWh

Approximate electric cost:$1586. Cost per year: $373

Based on these numbers, I would have been better off buying a much less expensive system that was reliable but inefficient. So what’s the point of buying the high efficiency Fujitsu system?


355 thoughts on “(UPDATED 2018): Why I can no longer recommend Fujitsu mini-split heat pumps

  1. My Fujitsu unit has developed a coil leak one month after the warranty was up and now the contractor says the unit has to be replaced, this is after 30 wasted manhours and having the unit filled twice what is really aggravating is he installed this unit in 2014 knowing full well the problems Fujitsu was having. I received this news today and am now waiting for the contractor to get back to me with solution.

    • Yup, that’s about the same thing I experienced. Sucks, doesn’t it?
      You might be able to get a replacement unit from someone for a reasonable price. When my first generation unit died, I asked around and a kind soul here sold me new components that were just laying around in a warehouse because it was an old unit.

  2. I also had a Fujitzu Halcyon Mini Split installed in my laundry-room/art studio in 2009. However, I have been very pleased with it and am fortunate in that my unit is still running great in 2018…nine years later. Granted, it is a small room but here in Tucson Arizona air conditioners really get a work out. It was installed by the contractor that built my studio so I assume it was installed correctly, although I never have done any maintenance on it…looking at these reviews though, I’m guessing I probably should.

  3. I purchased a Fujitsu Halcion mini split single 7 years ago and installed it myself however had a pro inspect it and do the initial start up. It has heated and cooled my off grid mountain home perfectly since day one only requiring occasional cleaning of the evaporator screens etc. one must remember these units run a line pressure of 800 psi. The correct copper lines and fittings are of paramount importance and the technician must really know these units as they are different than conventional HVAC equipment.
    Of course having ultra clean 120/240 vac sine wave power there are no issues with open neutrals or power line problems.

    • B/S I owned two of them. Have a great line protectors and both failed before they were two years old. They were bought in June 2012. Replacement boards and switches were provided under warranty on the first call. Five and a half months later, another electronic board was gone in one of them. Fujitsu REFUSED TO HONOR THE WARRANTY BECAUSE THESE UNITS ONLY HAD A TWO YEAR WARRANTY. I REPLACED BOTH UNITS AND THEW AWAY $ 3150.00 with the installation. I posted a complain in Consumers Reports and AARP. I known many, many customers that paid the price to trust the early 2009-2014 Halcions. There are a piece of trash/garbage. I bought two TGM Clasics for $ 300.00 a piece. Much less efficient, but has not failed me since they were installed on 2014. Over four years now…Fujitsu NOW CLAIMS THE PROBLEMS WERE CORRECT ON THE LATEST MODELS BUT THAT IS NOT MUCH HELP FOR THE UNSUSPECTED BUYERS THAT BOUGHT THEM. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE AND UNRELIABLE AND NOT MUCH HELP FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

    • I keep reading all of these horror stories about Fujitzu and because I have one, I continually expect mine to fail as well. But since installing my Halcyon mini-split 3 springs ago, I have had nothing but positive experiences. It continues to cool and heat exactly as well as the first season. It’s extremely efficient, costing 67 cents a day to operate here in Canada. My gas heating bills are so much lower than before. In fact I’m thinking of installing another unit in the bedroom wing. However, these negative blogs give me pause. Is it possible that Fujitzu has corrected past flaws and my newer unit is going to perform? I guess time will tell.

  4. I have 2 Fujitsu units 24,000 BTU’s zone 7. Originally installed 2007. The first was a nightmare started breaking down after 1.5 years leaking Freon they kept sending repairmen I finally called the company and demanded they replace the unit after not being able to use for at least 1 year. The replaced it and now the evaporator coil is leaking the repair is almost $2000. Was not able to use the heat pump for past 2 winters since 2016 So for durability I give an “F” as these are supposed to last way longer. Now have to buy a completely new system. Everyone says they are top of the line I have yet to experience that, I know many people who have minisplits and have had no problems m, they are not Fujitsu.

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