LED Bulb under $10 at Lowes!

A friend just turned me on to this special deal at Lowes in Pennsylvania. The bulb, which he noted is manufactured by Feit (a highly reputable brand) is currently available for $9.98 at this link.

I just bought five more of the $20 Feit bulbs, so I was a bit chagrined to learn about this. But I’m happy for the rest of you. At under $10, there’s really little reason not to try a few of these around your home.

Keep in mind, this is a 40 Watt equivalent, so it’s not the brightest bulb around. However, it’s directional, so it’s good for those areas where you have downlights or other areas where the light output pattern doesn’t have to be totally uniform.

If you get one, please post your comments here. I’ll pick one up myself when I get a chance, but I’d love to hear your feedback.

update: I just looked at the ad more closely – it’s 50% off until 5/9/2011 so buy now!

4 thoughts on “LED Bulb under $10 at Lowes!

  1. Update: 6/3/2011
    Well, a friend bought some and one already failed. Seems like maybe this is a case of “get what you pay for” 😦

    You always wonder about the “white labeled” versions made on the cheap. Something has to be compromised.

    I have had no problems with my name brand FEIT and Philips units. Keeping my fingers crossed there!

  2. Bah, one of these units I got abruptly quit after less than a month! I have to bring it back and see if they’ll refund/exchange.

      • Yep, I’d avoid the super cheapies and stick with the mid range ones. Thanks for letting me know. The more data we have on products, good and bad, the better we can steer people in the right direction.

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