How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Existing Home

This post by an energy auditor in central PA summarizes a lot of the information required to make your home more energy efficient, all in one spot. It’s like you took all my posts to date and wrapped it up into a single article! Definitely worth a skim.

For those of your unfamiliar with, Chris is a scientist who, several years ago, started investigating peak-oil – the fact that at some point, you can’t extract oil from the Earth any faster, and from there, it’s downhill. As he investigated it, he got more and more worried, because pretty much everything we do depends upon having essentially an unlimited supply of oil.

Chris is passionate about this cause. So passionate that he produced a series of videos and is traveling the world giving lectures about how to prepare. At first it seems nutty, especially if you’re of the mindset that “technology will always find a solution”, but if you listen carefully and do your own research, you may find yourself buying in to what he says.

I started following him a few years ago, and combined what he said with what I learned from various investment newsletters and other sources. That gave me an advanced warning to shift from classical stocks into metals and mining a few years ago, before the market tanked and mining stocks skyrocketed.

Whether you agree with him or not, his “Crash Course” is well worth viewing as it provides additional insights that you can use to better understand the complex, resource limited world in which we’re now living.


1 thought on “How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Existing Home

  1. I’m not sure what this post has to do with How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Existing Home, BUT Chris Martenson is a brilliant thinker who has pretty well summed up the complex issues surrounding the perfect storm of crises that are converging on humanity. The “Crash Course” is a free two and a half hour condensation of what was once an expensive seminar.

    Warning: do not start watching it late in the evening because if you do, you might miss some sleep. For me, it was like one of those books you start and can’t put down ’till you finish. And when you get done, you’ll want to start making your home energy efficient, even net-zero the very next day. And you’ll want to pay off your mortgage on the day after.

    Chris’s Course is a heavy duty reality check and for those prone to denial, you’ll likely tune it out or amp out. Either way, he speaks to a reality that few can handle but I think it’s great to know what’s really going on. We can prepare for what’s coming, but we won’t do it by “business as usual”. This is for those who are ready to think differently and already own a “Mac”.

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