Exterior Insulation – Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re building a new house or redoing the exterior of your existing home, do yourself a favor and watch this excellent video on exterior insulation. It could save you huge amounts of heartaches and money.

2 thoughts on “Exterior Insulation – Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Put exterior insulation over the stucco face of my San Francisco duplex that was built back in 1917.
    At the same time we also had a foam roof installed to replace the old three layers of tar and gravel flat roof that we have.
    Also replaced the old Hung Shash original single pane windows with insulated vinyl windows

         The house went from extremely cold and drafty in the winter with a gas old furnace that was installed in the late 60s to early 70s that was well over 100,000 BTUs and would stay on with long cycle times in the winter. 
          After the insulation modifications the furnace would only stay on for about 10 minutes and would completely heat the house. 
          In the summertime before the insulation was added on the second story Front west facing three window living room on 85° day would become 105° upstairs my old IBM computer was shut down through overheating. 
           After the insulation was installed when Sommertyme came around the upstairs would be easily comfortable on an 85° day still a little warm without air-conditioning that is about to be installed this year as of 2021. 
          Because of all the insulation in airtight procedures that have been implemented the house now only needs 24,000 BTUs of eating instead of 130,000 BTUs of heating
        Air conditioning is being added only 18,000 BTUs needed.  That will be ran off solar panels and battery back up. 
         The new furnace being installed to replace the old original furnace will be a 24,000 BTU 95%
        And I’m willing to bet I would be able to disable and plug one of the two burners and it would still be more than enough for  San Francisco climate

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