Amory Lovins: a 40-year plan for energy

Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) are a source of practical solutions to big problems. In this video, Lovins discusses how we as a society can live more securely and save money while eliminating our use of oil and other fossil fuels.

Weekend movie: A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

I admit, all movies about peak oil are designed in such a way as to alarm the viewer. But is that a bad thing? Oil is the “bloodstream of the economy.” When oil prices are low, the economy thrives. When it is high, like it is now, the economy tanks.

A Crude Awakening was released in 2006 – it was made well before the super-spike in oil prices in 2008. In fact, when this documentary was made, oil prices were about $40 a barrel. When it was released, many people ignored the message, saying that it was crazy to think that the price of oil would go up dramatically. After all, for most of our lives, oil has been cheap an plentiful. So it was easy to ignore peak oil.

Oil is now hovering at around $100 per barrel. In real terms, it now costs $3.25-$3.50/gallon to heat your home with oil. Back when the movie was made, home oil prices were about $1/gallon. Gasoline prices have similarly changed. This is not some abstract concept, this is our daily reality.

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